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Autumn Mood

Mike Davis


Filip & Company’s Diver 55 watch is timeless and versatile. The blue on the secondhand/bezel add the perfect amount of color while remaining subtle. The watch feels great on my wrist and accommodates my professional and casual lifestyle. This is my first Filip & Company watch, but won’t be my last.

Autumn Mood

Belinda Yen/-Lieberman

Cleveland Clinic

I have had this beautiful and reliable Filip watch since 2015!
I have no problems at all! I do like the style of this watch! Thanks! I. Belinda Yen

Autumn Mood

Tim Ryan


When it comes to Filip & Co. watches, the quality and elegance are second to none. Every time I wear one of Filip's timepieces , they always attract attention and many compliments! Regardless if it is a night out on the town , or a client meeting, there is a watch for every occasion. Just to let you know, you will most likely end up with more than one!

Autumn Mood

Kip Thomas

Lakewood Periodontics

I have been wearing the Diver 55 for the better part of 2 years. I am hard on my watches! It comes to the gym with me and it takes the same punishment I give myself. It is extremely difficult for me to function without my watch and the Diver has not let me down.

Autumn Mood

Bill Sholtis


My wife wowed me a birthday gift of a Forty Five with a white dial. the design is the epitome of the classic watch with a stainless steel case, Roman numerals, and an exhibition back which reveals the exquisite movement. I am also fortunate to have the Cleveland Eastside. It has a clean, sleek, elegant style that is truly a tribute to our City and I love to wear it. I have known Filip for over 30 years, from our days attending the college of Science at CSU to working together at the Cleveland Clinic. He has worked tirelessly to make his dream come true and instilled in me a great appreciation for these collectable timepieces.

Autumn Mood

Joseph W. Kraft


“That’s an amazing time piece. Tell me about it.”

I’ve answered countless times, “It’s a creation by the finest watchmaker on the planet. Filip in Cleveland!”

Autumn Mood

VM Raguz

Paris, France

Was lucky to receive a Blueblood some 15 years ago; one with a white dial. But soon had to get a black one to feel fool-proof. Love the simplicity of a classic, and especially the Roman numerals. Have taken them around the world, with watch aficionados asking how come they have not heard of Filip&Co, where another proud story of Cleveland would begin!

Autumn Mood

Jan Anter

Bibelot Companies

Watches are one of the most treasured pieces of jewelry and Filip & Co understand that. It is apparent in every watch in the collection.
Filip’s designs and craftsmanship rival the best of the premium watchmakers.
I own the beautiful Lady Blueblood. It is a watch that is noticed with the gorgeous diamond bezel and attention to detail, including the Filip & Co logo. It’s a statement watch, elegant and stunning. Thank you!

Autumn Mood

Gino DiGuardi

Alari Search

Filip has such a passion for watches and his attention to detail is second to none. I purchased a Chronograph 2.0 last year and I love it! Because it is so versatile, I wear it in both casual and formal settings. I constantly receive compliments regarding its classic, but unique look. I highly recommend Filip & Co.

Autumn Mood

Joe Anter


I truly believe Filip and Co watches will be recognized as one of the premier watch makers. Elegant, Classic watches that will endure a lifetime. Planning my next purchase now.

Autumn Mood

Christopher Brizes


Frequently, people ask about the timepiece I'm wearing, and where'd you get it? My heart swells with pride to introduce them to my dear friend Filip, and his passionate watch making abilities. I started with a Cleveland-East Side Silver (my son wears it), currently dress up with a Chrono 1.0, and everyday, wear the Diver 55 3.0. My wife dresses up with a Lady Blueblood. You can have your big brands, I much prefer the personal touch, the one off specialty, the individuality of Filip's timepieces.

Autumn Mood

Connor Ryan

Merrill Lynch

Filip & Co wristwatches are the first item noticed when I am in a t shirt or a suit. The watch continues to be the nicest and most elegant watch I own. I highly recommend adding to your collection, or if you are like me and looking to start, any of Filip & Co. pieces are perfect.

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