Your FILIP & Co watch is warranted by FILIP & Co, LLC for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. This standard warranty covers manufacturing defects and material of the FILIP & Co watch at the time of purchase. It is only valid and comes into affect with the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity completed with purchaser’s full name, address, date of purchase and Stamped with FILIP & Co official company stamp.


By presenting proper Certificate of Authenticity within the warranty period of two (2) years, FILIP & Co will repair any defects free of charge to you. 


To obtain the warranty, please visit the retailer where you purchased your FILIP & Co watch, or contact us at fillip@filipandcowatches.com



This Warranty will NOT cover:


  • Normal wear and tear (such as scratched and chipped crystal, scratches on case and bezel, peeling and discoloration of gold-plated case and buckle).

  • Normal aging (such as color and texture change of leather, rubber and textile bands)

  • Damage caused by improper use and abusive handling (hitting against the hard surface, dropping, crushing, crystal breakage that will allow moisture to penetrate watch mechanism and damage the internal parts)

  • Watch that has been serviced by the person/company not authorized by FILIP & Co.



FILIP & Co, LLC, Westlake, Ohio, USA