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1. Design Idea

The design process begins with an idea translated to the media the old fashion way, with pencil and paper. The sketches are done free hand first and then drawn to scale to create the blueprints.


2. Polishing

After the cases are machined to size to the closest tolerances, the polishing process begins. Every case is put through lengthy and thorough hand buffing in order to achieve a high luster finish on each and every case.


3. Engraving

Every highly polished case-back is then laser engraved with pertinent information, which includes an individual serial number. This number ensures that every FILIP & Co watch is a unique creation and truly a collectable timepiece for generations to come.


4. Personalization

The attention to detail never seems to stop. The entire side of the watch, opposite crown, is elegantly engraved with a textured FILIP & Co logo.


5. Finishing Touches

Assembly is the most satisfying part of the whole process. This is where all the hard work in creating a timepiece, finally pays off. The crystal is installed, the gasket is put in place, the stem is cut to size, the strap is attached and the watch comes alive.


6. Presentation

The box is made out of exotic wood finished with deep burgundy stain coated with numerous high gloss polyurethane coats. Marked with the company logo, the box becomes an integral part in presentation and care, and also completes the ensemble of this design journey.

Design Process

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